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What is wrong with the dashboard?Last updated at Wed Jan 26 2022Skills

Skills to Demonstrate

👉 Data Modeling in Power BI

👉 Directional filters in Power BI

Problem Statement

You've joined this exciting new startup Winsure, which is trying to make its mark in the growing insurance sector.

You've joined as a Data Analyst in their Claim operations team. Your goal is to help the team glean through reams of data and design high quality and consumable dashboards to help them take important decisions related to :

  • Claim resolution Time
  • Error Rate
  • Fake Claims etc.

Your team member Ravi has developed a decent dashboard. However, somehow the numbers don't look correct. Seems the slicing too is not working as expected. The bar chart is showing same number for all loss types. Check the video clip below to understand the issue.

Recording #411-min.gif

Now the challenge :

✔️ Pretty Simple! Help Ravi fix the dashboard so that it can be shipped to the customer asap. Download the .pbix file here

Upload your work here

My Solution

Coming soon...

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