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Using Power Query for removing rowsLast updated at Wed Jan 05 2022Skills

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn how to remove unwanted rows from data ingested from Excel sheet using Power Query interface
  • What's new? You'd see how Power Query M helps handle a special case where you wish to remove rows from any row number

Problem Statement

You have just received an Excel sheet with tabular data which looks like this :


As we see the above image, in order to do any meaningful data operations, the following issues need to be handled :

  1. Remove the header title row
  2. Remove the 2 blank rows following it
  3. Remove the row having Totals and below

Other than the above, you were also asked to remove rows from 11 to 15 i.e from Backbay, Mumbai to Noida.

How would you go about solving this case?

My Solution

With a simple search on Google, I quite easily figured out the Power Query feature which would help me solve the above case partially. Have a look at this crisp article.

However, It took some research to figure out how to solve the case where we are asked to remove rows from 11 to 15 row numbers.

Well, Power Query M came as my savior (It'll be for you the moment you find that the GUI options are no longer helpful)

Have a look at the below 5 min video to see my attempt :

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