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Should Virat Kohli be dropped?Last updated at Fri Nov 19 2021Skills

Learning Outcomes

  • Applying descriptive statistics
  • Perform hypothesis testing
  • Build statistical visualizations All within Excel!

Problem Statement

SportsWiz is a sports tech startup which provides data driven analysis and strategic recommendations to IPL franchises to help them answer a number of questions related to team's performance, composition and strategy

You are a Data Analyst hired by SportsWiz and you'll be working with the Royal Challengers Bangalore squad.

The RCB Team has had many batting superstars like Chris Gayle, AB de Villers etc. but the one player which has always stood out is Virat Kohli. Ranking World no. 1 batsman for a long long time, Virat Kohli has made huge personal contributions towards the RCB batting camp.

The team management given the team's unimpressive performance in past IPLs is of the opinion that Virat Kohli needs to be dropped from the team.

However, given the impressive past record by Virat, the batting coach is against the idea.

He needs important milestones, performances of Virat as a proof to support his stand.

Following are the key questions from the batting coach for you :

  • What metrics should I show to the management team to best help the cause of retaining Virat Kohli?

    • If we say Virat is leading run-scorer enough?
    • Will a mix of run-rate, strike-rate will help?
    • Any other interesting metric you can design?
  • Has he been a predictable player?

    • How consistent has his performance been compared to other batsmen in the RCB camp?
    • Any outstanding performances by him?
  • Any season which you think Virat really out-performed his peers?

    • Which IPL season do you think he performed the best?
    • Was his performance in that season just a random chance event or was there really something special about his game?

Before you start

Ensure you have the following items ready :

  • Access to Microsoft Excel 2016 or above
  • Access to any screen recording software (Zoom, Bandicam etc.)
  • Access to datasets required for this project. Download here
  • Access to the response sheet where you will be logging the outcomes of the project. Open here

Skills to brush up

Check the following references to quickly brush up the skills needed to solve the above stated problem :

  • Some Concepts :
    • Descriptive Statistics : here
    • Hypothesis Testing : here
    • p-value : here
    • Another amazing channel on Youtube which has been a great help for me : Here
  • Descriptive Statistics in Excel : Here
  • Hypothesis testing in Excel : Here
  • Statistical Visualization in Excel : Here, Here

Mentorskool gives due credits to all amazing teachers on the internet who have shared their knowledge for free for our benefit!

What other questions you would ask the data to better address the problem statement at hand?

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