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How to model Orders data better?Last updated at Sat Jan 22 2022Skills
e-r models

Skills to Demonstrate

  • Concepts of Data Modelling

    👉 Normalization

    👉 Cardinality

    👉 Entity identification

    👉 Candidate key identification

    👉 Primary key identification

    👉 Foreign key identification

    👉 Drawing an E-R Model

Problem Statement

You've joined this exciting new startup GlobalMart, which is trying to make its mark in the burgeoning e-commerce sector.

As you've joined them in very early stages, you notice that the company is still dependent on paper medium to take customer orders, manage returns etc.

The company CTO had a conversation with you and has sought suggestion from you how to digitize the company's business

The 1st challenge you've got is how to digitize the core business process which is : Order Management

The Order Management Process involves primarily the following business flows :

👉 Raising Purchase Order/Customer Order

👉 Raising Invoice

👉 Raising Supply Order Form (to Vendors)

👉 Raising Return Order

GlobalMart currently has the Customer Order and Return Order forms in below paper format :

  • Purchase Order Form :


  • Return Order Form Return-Order-Form.png

You have the following ask from business :

  • Come up with a feasible data storage solution which should fulfill the below requirements :
    • Data should not be lost in any transactions
    • No inconsistent data
    • Highest levels of data quality (avoid data duplication, wrong data etc. )

Now the challenge :

✔️ Suggest a suitable database to cater to the client needs. State the reasons why you went ahead with your choice

✔️ Design a robust data model to digitize the business.

Use Draw.io here to start designing

Upload your work here

My Solution

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