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Help us migrate our DB to AWSLast updated at Tue Jan 18 2022Skills

Skills to pick up

  • AWS RDS Overview
  • Database Migration to Cloud using AWS DMS service

Problem Statement

GlobalMart is one of the leading E-Commerce giants with presence in the North America and Europe region. It has presence across 120 markets and primarily deals with 3 lines of business

  1. Technology
  2. Office Supplies
  3. Furniture.

With a rapid increase in business, GlobalMart is seeing a huge jump in the number of customers registering on their website across countries. This sudden increase in reach of their business is putting a huge pressure on their current IT infrastructure. Following is the as-is infrastructure set up and some current challenges at GlobalMart :

✏️ A relational database which stores orders, customers, vendors, transactions and products information

✏️ The servers are located at a single location which is their Head Office in San Francisco. So in the event of a power outage, the entire back end would collapse.

✏️ When customers are placing new orders, they are complaining significant lag. After root cause analysis, it was determined that Since read and write operations are being done on same database and table, there is lag in IOPS

✏️ Security, maintenance and operation of the on-prem servers has become a huge CAPEX and OPEX which GlobalMart wants to reduce.

As a Data Architect at GlobalMart you are required to address the above mentioned challenges in the following order of priority :

✔️ Implement migration of GlobalMart's on-prem database to AWS

✔️ Design the cloud infrastructure to tackle challenges of fault-tolerance, latency and security

Please find the E-R Model of the on-prem database below :


Ready to take the challenge?

Here are some references which might help you do better at this challenge :

👉 Installing postgres in EC2 :

  1. blog
  2. video

👉 Working with DMS

👉 AWS Skill builder (Training & Certification previously) has got a beautiful 3 hour course that is free of cost

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Points to Ponder

Before I close this challenge, I would leave you with some thoughts for which I am still looking for convincing answers. Will be happy to connect over our community and share ideas.

  • Is the pipeline really secure? If not, what to do to make it secure?
  • Is it reliable? If, not how to make it reliable/durable?

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