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Marketing Spend Optimization for MyDepot Retail Chain

Marketing Spend Optimization for MyDepot Retail Chain author
Last updated at Tue Nov 15 2022
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Problem Statement

The MyDepot is a popular retail chain that has its presence in Pan India having 90+ stores and an online presence. They have all types of products ranging from hygiene to home essentials to Fashion. They have been category leaders for some time now and have done a lot of marketing campaign data with them.

The Chief Functional officer of myDepot wishes to reduce the marketing spend after the deep impact of covid-19 which includes trade, media, and promotions.

Hence, they turned their eye to the Mountain size data that they have been collecting for years. These promotions include data from:

  • tele-marketing calls to the existing customers base
  • message and mail campaigns
  • Flash Sales and Discount announcements

Congratulations…! You have been given the task of building a PoC as a Data Scientist of the MyDepot

  • The data is scattered across several databases and data lakes.
  • Understanding the availability of data from these places is the first and prime requirement to start the case
  • Understand the domain of Marketing spending and target promotions
  • Explore the data and identify the relevant data suitable for reducing the market spending and targeted promotions
  • Create a final Dataset to proceed with Analytics and Give Insights to Marketing Teams

Learner Objectives

  1. Data Ingestion from multiple sources
  2. Getting familiar with working with various data models
  3. Analyse ingested data
  4. Understand the Marketing spend domain to identify relevant fields for the study
  5. Showing how the machine learning model impacts business
  6. Choosing the right error metric that relevant for business model
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